David has really helped me build my confidence as a driver. He always finds the positives and helped me think about what I needed to improve. The Driving Skills workbook was very useful to gain knowledge on what the lesson was going to be and help me prepare. David has been really helpful and I have enjoyed my lessons.

Lessons with David were well measured, enjoyable and most important at a pace comfortable to me. There was never a time that I felt unsafe. If I had to learn again I would definitely do it with David. 5 Stars!

Learning with David was great because every lesson was specialised to you, so it made learning to drive much easier and quicker. This especially helped me as I had previously driven so I was able to start where I felt comfortable. The book is very helpful as you can track your progress with ease and look forward to what you have left to do. Overall I think David is a great instructor and most importantly a very kind and patient person.

David is a very good teacher. He provided me with the freedom over my lesson plan and gave me plenty of positive comments whilst learning to boost my confidence. The book helped a lot with what lessons could contain and the questions were very useful. David is very friendly and speaks clearly and helped me identify all of the minor things that can be improved to help become a better driver and pass with as few faults as possible. If I were given the chance to learn again I would definitely pick David!

I don't know if I would have passed first time without David. The book he gave me had all of the information you need to do well in a lesson. David is calm and never gets flustered or distracted while you are driving, or if you do something wrong. He just explains or asks if you know. Davis is the perfect person to teach driving and should be everyone's instructor.

David is a lovely driving instructor. He is very patient and friendly and he always looks at the positives as well as any mistakes you've made to help you improve without getting discouraged. His explanations are calm, detailed and easy to understand for learning new skills or answering any questions. I would highly recommend David and the useful LDC learning system with the book. 10/10!

I have really enjoyed my time having lessons with David. He has made lessons fun and made me a confident driver. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

David is a really good, friendly driving instructor who fitted in as much practice as I needed in order to feel prepared for my test. His lessons aren't boring and each lesson was designed to get what I needed from it. Using the LDC system with David gave me all the tools I needed to become a really good driver. David always stays calm during lessons and pleasure to talk to.

David is a great Instructor. He taught me everything I needed to stay safe on the roads and kept me going when I was struggling with something. I would recommend him to anyone. Fantastic! thanks David.

David is a fantastic instructor! He believes in you and trusts your driving which really helps your confidence. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thank you David.

David is a great teacher as he explains everything really well and goes through it if you don't get it. He is friendly and keeps you calm. David let me learn at my pace and didn't rush me. A great Instructor to have teach you how to drive!

Passed 1st time
As a stressy person I worried a lot about lessons. David was so encouraging and patient and the lessons were set up well to focus on specific things in driving. I passed first time and I'm so happy and grateful.

David is an absolutely fantastic instructor and I cant recommend him enough. I'd been with another instructor previously who had put me on edge and stressed me. I've never not felt comfortable with David and if I ever felt unsure about something he was approachable and easy to talk to so that we could go over it again.

A wonderful Instructor, full of patience and encouragement. Always has a smile and gives advice to help keep you calm. The LDC workbook really helped to study between lessons and not only to pass the test but to pass it well and become a confident, safe driver. Big Thanks!!

David has been great throughout my lessons. Without his help and encouragement I would not have passed my test. I would recommend him to anyone especially if you lack confidence. He has been a star!

David has been a great driving instructor. He is very friendly and helpful and also very accommodating with work and what is best for me. He made me feel like it was my way of learning to drive. David has helped boost my confidence with my driving and it has been a great pleasure to learn with him. I would recommend him to anyone as he is a great driving Instructor.

David has been an excellent Instructor. He is very friendly, easy to talk to and best of all helped me get driving confidently with a first time pass! If I ever had to learn to drive again David would be the man to go to. I now feel like I am a safe and confident driver. I would recommend Him to anyone.

David is a very good Driving Instructor. He was very patient even when I was stressing. Using the book and going through it at the beginning of each lesson made learning a lot easier and really helped. I couldn't have asked for a better person to learn with!!

Passed first time, fantastic!
I really enjoyed learning with David. He is patient, kind and funny! I learnt everything at a pace that was good for me and felt really comfortable. I can't thank David enough.

I passed first time with David and that's thanks to him letting me take things at my own pace which allowed me to go over things when I got stuck. I think this helped me to become a better driver, not just to pass my test. Thank you again David!

A massive thanks to David. It was a pleasure to learn with you. You were great at explaining things which put me more at ease. Highly recommended! 10/10.

I was very nervous when starting my driving lessons but David was calm and put me at ease when my nerves got the better of me. He is very friendly and professional. I couldn't have wished for a better instructor. Now I have passed my test with only 2 minors!!

I had a few ups and downs when starting to drive and felt quite emotional but all of the hard work with David paid off. I now feel so comfortable driving. Thank you.

Adelle BestAdelle Best
I found learning to drive very enjoyable. The LDC system was very useful and aided the progression of my driving well. David is an extremely nice instructor and he made me fell comfortable throughout. Thank you very much!

I cant thank David enough for everything he has taught me. The whole process was really enjoyable and the LDC system works really well. Having failed twice with other instructors I had my doubts over whether I would pass but the combination of practical driving experience, reading the LDC book and watching the DVD was really useful. I strongly recommend the LDC system and David as an instructor. He was superb. I am over the moon! Thanks, Calum.

David is a great instructor who puts a lot of time and effort into his job. He was very patient with me and made sure I knew what to work on as I progressed. The system LDC use is great because you always know what you are doing next. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks to him I passed first time, and he always believed in me. Thanks David.

Tom ParkerTom Parker
Absolutely fantastic instructor who made sure I have been able to become the best driver I can be, not least thanks to an excellent system of learning. My driving Journal made sure I knew exactly which stage I was at throughout the whole process, and the mock test helped pull everything together. I have and will continue to recommend both David Hope, LDC and the LD System to prospective drivers. Thank you ever so much!

Barry WroeBarry Wroe
Thank you so much David. I have been learning to drive on and off for around 20 years and after booking an intensive course with you I realised after the first day that I had learned more from you in one day than I had from all the other instructors over the years. You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed with your calm approach. You greatly helped to build my confidence and I would recommend you to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Thank you so very Much.

Jess StoneJess Stone
David is a very good Driving Instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. The book and DVD helped a lot, and the DVD helped me to do the manoeuvres properly with someone going through each step. This is better because you can see how to them from their point of view. Driving with David is good because he teaches each lesson at a pace that is right for you and shows you how to do everything when you need to know it. Some Driving Instructors just push you too hard at the start and you don't want that when you are nervous.

Lee SmithLee Smith
Passed first time with only 4 minors! It helps to have a good instructor that fills you with confidence and has faith in you.

After a lot of research into driving lessons, I was intrigued with the LD system and their approach to learning, so I contacted David. He was very professional and patient throughout my lessons and gradually built up my confidence to a point where I was ready for any eventuality. Learning in a relaxed environment using the LD system really worked for me, and I definitely benefited from the workbook and DVD. I was able to go back over my lessons on the DVD and freshen my memory, really helping me on the road, particularly for my driving test. I passed first time with 1 minor and strongly recommend David and LDC Driving School.

I found the LDC style of teaching brilliant due to the large amount of resources that LDC offer. The student centred approach is what appealed to me when choosing who I should learn to drive with and am 100% confident that I made the right decision. LDC allowed me to work at a pace which suited my needs and ability. The workbook companion gave me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge even when I wasn't on the road. I thoroughly recommend David and LDC to anybody thinking about learning to drive. The car layout was very easy to understand and quickly become familiar with. Thanks so much David for sticking with me when I was stubborn and grumpy!"

David has really helped build my confidence when driving to such a point that I really enjoy it. The LDC system has allowed me to wrap my head around driving manoeuvres and helped me to understand road use. I strongly recommend David to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

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